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Training and Seminars

RCM Training, ERAC Training, CE Marking Training

Global Approvals offers reasonably priced Professional, Expert Regulatory and  Technical Training Services. Our speciality is ACMA RCM Training , ERAC EESS Training and CE Marking EMC, RED & LVD Directives Training.

We can arrange Lab Testing Demonstrations, Precompliance Training, Workshops and Seminars.

We assemble tailored Training Programs to suit your Regulatory and Technical needs and work within your budget constraints.

We come to you anywhere in Australia and New Zealand or you can visit professional training facilities in Melbourne.

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Regulatory Training

Regulatory training covers major world markets and regulatory marks such as ACMA RCM Training and ERAC EESS Training in Australia, CE marking in the EU, FCC in the USA and ISED in Canada. If you need training for other world markets we can arrange it to suit.

Training covers Australian government legislation, ACMA Labelling Notices, applicable EMC, Radio, Telecoms, EMR and Safety Standards, applicable tests, compliance risk level obligations, test report requirements, documentation and RCM labelling.

We also cover Responsible Supplier obligations, importation of products, penalties for non compliance, modifications to products and ACMA Agency Agreements.

Training can be provided for the installation of certified radio modules into host equipment.

Training covers Australian government legislation, ERAC and EESS Rules, applicable standards, applicable tests, compliance level obligations, test report requirements, Safety Certificates (Certificate of Conformity & Certificate of Suitability), registration of equipment on the national database, compliance folder documentation and RCM labelling.

We also cover Responsible Supplier Obligations, importation of products, penalties for non compliance, modifications to products, expiration and renewal of certificates and ERAC Authorised Representatives.

Training covers Legislative Requirements, CE marking risk assessment, CE Directives, Harmonised Standards, Official Journals, applicable tests, test plans, DoC’s, CE Mark Labelling, Record keeping obligations, Penalties for non compliance and supplier chain obligations.

We also cover modifications to products and expiring standards.

Dedicated training courses can be arrange to strictly cover the RED (Radio Equipment Directive, EMC Directive and LVD (Low Voltage Directive).

We can cover or provide stand-alone training for integration of compliant radio modules into a host device.

Training covers key FCC and ISED rules, legislation, standards, testing, assessments, Certification, test laboratory requirements, record keeping and FCC/ISED labelling.

We also cover exemptions to FCC and ISED rules, KDB’s (Knowledge Data Base), documentation required for Certification submission, the role of TCB’s and Local Representative Requirements.

We can provide training covering modifications to certified devices and integrating certified radio modules into a host device.

We can provide Regulatory Training for any market in the world. Besides the markets listed in the other tabs, common markets and countries include Japan (VCCI and MIC, JRL), South Africa (ICASA and SABS), India (WPC and BIS), Middle East, South America, Russia, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

We cover legislation, rules, standards, tests, documentation and record keeping requirements, certification, local representative requirements and product labelling.

Technical Training

Technical Training encompasses the EMC, EME & EMR, RF & Wireless disciplines.

Training can be a combination of Theoretical and Practical.

Training Services cover the Commercial and Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Automotive, Defence, Aerospace and Railway Industries.

Practical training can be arranged for EMC precompliance testing at your facility. We can advise on suitable test equipment to hire or purchase (and where to get it from!), show you how to set it up, calibrate/verify and of course use it correctly.

We can help you interpret the standards, analyse the results and give you the confidence to either sign your declarations outright or arrange formal testing with an external laboratory.

Training usually covers conducted emissions, radiated emissions, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), Fast Transients, Surges, conducted immunity and voltage dips.

We can also provide training for radiated immunity (if you are lucky enough to have such a facility!), power frequency magnetic immunity and harmonics & flicker.

Precompliance testing usually covers commercial standards such as AS/NZS CISPR 32, AS/NZS CISPR 14.1, AS/NZS CISPR 15, AS/NZS 61000.6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, CISPR 24 and CISPR 35 (or EN/IEC/CISPR equivalents).

Practical training for MIL-STD 461, RTCA/DO-160, EN 50121-3-1, EN 50121-3-2 is often requested and can be accommodated.

Essentially any form of practical EMC testing training can be arranged, if you have the equipment and facilities. Just ask!


We provide training for using RF and ELF probes and instruments for assessment against EMR standards such as ARPANSA RPS3, AS/NZS 2772.2, ICNIRP Guidelines and EN 62311.

We advise on interpreting the standards and limits and how to conduct site surveys.

We provide training on testing equipment for EMR regulatory compliance (such as the ACMA EMR standard and CE Marking RED).

We can also provide EMR Radhaz training on MIL-STD 464 requirements such as HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance) , HERF (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel)  and HERP (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel).

Training covers measuring fundamental frequencies, harmonics (radaited spurious emissions), bandwidth, power spectral density and other key radio frequency tests for transmitters and receivers.

Both conducted and radiated methods are covered.

Training can be based on precompliance or formal testing depending on the equipment you have and the standards applied.

We can help you interpret radio testing standards methodology and limits and advise on certification requirements.

Key reasons to use Global Approvals Training Services…


  • Lower overheads means our rates are very reasonable and cost effective
  • We are not a test lab and don’t have to charge similar lab rates to justify spending time and effort on external training


  • We can visit you anywhere in Australia and New Zealand
  • You can attend our professional training and seminar facilities in Melbourne
  • We can tailor programs to exactly suit your needs
  • Existing set training programs can be run (lower cost)


  • Extensive experience (20+ years) across many areas of compliance
  • Qualified professionals
  • Trainers are former NATA signatories
  • Easy to understand and easy going trainers who won’t put you to sleep!

Global Approvals have many years of experience and enviable expertise in World Wide Regulatory Legislation, Standards and Testing Requirements. Reap the benefits with our professional training services.

Professional Training Facilities

Global Approvals primarily utilises Waterman Business Centres for training and seminars in Melbourne. Three locations are presently available:

  • Scoresby
  • Chadstone
  • Narre Warren

Training rooms and auditoriums are modern, professional, spacious and utilise the latest technology. They can be configured to accomodate up to 150 people.

We can come to you anywhere in Australia and New Zealand for on-site training.

Our office is currently located in the Carribean Centre in Scoresby.

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