RCM Mark for imported devices

RCM Imported Device ?

Are you importing an electronic device from overseas for sale in Australia and need help with Australian Rules and Regulations? Do you need RCM imported device advice? Global Approvals has an economical solution for you!


There are two main Regulators in Australia, ACMA and ERAC.

ACMA govern the RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) and ERAC govern the EESS (Electrical Equipment Safety System). Most electrical and electronics devices must comply with both.

The RCM Mark is applied to indicate the device complies with the rules of both ACMA and ERAC.

Overseas reports

The majority of products imported into Australia already have international approvals such as CE marking or FCC. Whilst it is not automatic, CE or FCC test reports can often be used to demonstrate compliance without the need for expensive local re-testing. These reports usually go a long way towards ticking most of the boxes and if they fall short, usually only basic “top up” assessments or testing is necessary.

Local Representative

If you are exporting product to Australia and do not have a local office you can appoint an ACMA Agent (ACMA Agency Agreement). In this scenario a local representative takes care of the entire compliance process on your behalf and retains all records and compliance responsibility.

An ERAC Authorised Representative can be appointed to handle electrical safety compliance and certification activities on your behalf. A local Responsible Supplier (cannot be an ACMA Agent) must however appoint the authorised representative.

What we can do for You

Global Approvals can advise on all applicable Australian requirements, assess & validate available test reports and certificates, arrange top up testing if necessary and assist with record keeping & RCM labelling. We can guide you through the entire process from start to finish for a comprehensive RCM imported device service.

We can act as your ACMA Agent under an Agency Agreement or an ERAC Authorised Representative.

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