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Magnetic Mayhem!

We stumbled across this old episode of SCOPE which aired on Channel 10 (Network 10) around 10 years ago. I was working at RFI Industries EMI/EMC labs at the time and they wanted to film a segment on Electromagnetics and Magnetic Testing for their episode "Magnetic...

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Welcome to Global Approvals!

Independent Australian Compliance Company Global Approvals is an Independant, 100% Australian compliance company, specialising in the approvals and certification of electrical and electronic products for Australian ACMA RCM and ERAC EESS, EU member states CE Marking,...

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Why Use Global Approvals?

Why Use Global Approvals Compliance Services? Good question, as there are many players in the industry fighting for your dollar. What makes us different? Read on to find out... Independent Global Approvals is a completely independent business that specialises in the...

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ACMA RCM “Certificates”

Are ACMA RCM Certificates necessary? Do they have to be renewed? Customers often submit Australian ACMA RCM certificates that were generated by other organisations and enquire about their validity, relevance and ask if they have to be renewed (or can we renew them)....

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