Australian Compliance

Electrical & Electronic equipment must comply with three main Regulatory Schemes - ACMA RCM, ERAC EESS & GEMS E3 before it can be legally sold in Australia.

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Australian Compliance, ACMA RCM Mark

Australian Compliance Experts

Global Approvals are experts in Australian Compliance of electrical and electronic products. There are three major Regulatory authorities, ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), ERAC (Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council) and GEMS (Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards). Let us expertly guide you through the maze of regulations and standards.

What We can do for You…

Global Approvals provides a comprehensive, single contact Australian Compliance Solution. We prepare Regulatory & Test Plans, assess & validate overseas test reports, prepare assessment reports, arrange testing (local or international) as required, arrange Registration and Certification and act as an ACMA Agent or ERAC Authorised Representative.

We provide an economical, start to finish service that is tailored to your specific needs. If you just need bits and pieces or some good advice, we are happy to oblige.

Australian Compliance - ACMA RCM Approval
ACMA RCM EMC testing


All electrical and electronic devices must comply with ACMA RCM EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Labelling Notice requirements.

ACMA RCM Radio communications

Radio Communications

Intentional transmitters, transceivers and receivers must comply with ACMA RCM Radio Communications Labelling Notice requirements.

ACMA RCM telecommunications


Telecommunications devices must comply with ACMA RCM Telecommunications Labelling Notice (TLN) requirements.

ACMA RCM EME & EMR assessment


Intentional transmitters and transceivers must comply with the ACMA RCM EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Labelling Notice.


Electrical Safety

All electrical & electronic equipment must comply with ERAC electrical safety rules. In-scope devices must comply with ERAC EESS rules. The ACMA TLN also specifies safety requirements for high risk TLN devices.

GEMS MEPS E3 Program compliance

Energy Efficiency

A range of electrical devices must comply with GEMS/MEPS E3 Program Energy Efficiency requirements.

Australian machinery safety

Machinery Safety

Machines must comply with Federal and State Safety Acts and Regulations governing machinery and electrical safety.

Australian compliance standards

Other Standards

Compliance with non legislated standards may be required for endorsement by various councils, associations and bodies.

Australian grid connection rules

Electrical Grid Connection

Devices must comply with Federal and State Rules, Regulations and Standards. 

Global Approvals - Australian Compliance Experts

We hear it all the time – customers spending days contacting all sorts of different organisations and not getting any straight answers. We have the solutions to your Australian compliance problems. Contact us for meaniful, useful ACMA RCM and ERAC EESS, GEMS/MEPS E3 Program and other relevant Australian compliance advice. Speak to Australian Compliance experts today!

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