ACMA are responsible for EMC, Radio, Telecoms, Safety and RF exposure compliance. This is regulated under the ACMA RCM scheme...


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The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) is a federal government agency with a mandate under the Radiocommunications Act 1992 to manage and protect the Electromagnetic radio spectrum from interference, allow access to licenced bands and networks and to protect the health and safety of humans. This is achieved through enforcement of the RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark).

ACMA RCM concerns the following:

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ACMA RCM compliance

Q: Why is compliance with ACMA RCM rules important?

A: To ensure electrical and electronic devices do not cause interference, can access licenced bands and networks correctly and are safe for use.


C-tick and A-tick

Prior to 2016 ACMA adopted the C-tick and A-tick marks for EMC and Telecommunications compliance respectively. The C-tick scheme became a legal requirement in 1999 under the old ACA.


ACMA and ERAC joined forces in 2013 and merged the C-tick, A-tick and RCM into the current incarnation of the RCM. This one single mark is used to signify that an electrical or electronic device complies with all applicable ACMA and ERAC regulatory requirements. Supplier codes have been abolished.

A national database for registration of Responsible Suppliers and in-scope electrical was established.

The ACMA RCM scheme is based on Responsible Supplier self declation.

Labelling Notices

Electrical and electronic devices must comply with applicable Labelling Notices and Standards. Compliance can be verified by holding valid test reports.

ACMA adminster the following Labelling Notices:

Test Reports

Overseas test reports can be acceptable proof provided they adequately demonstrate compliance to Australian standards. In many cases international standards are 100% adopted and are hence equivalent. In other cases the Australian standard is modified from the international standard due to local differences of opinion or conditions.

Accredited test reports for certain standards must be held for devices deemed to be “high risk”.

Record Keeping & Labelling

Once the necessary test reports are arranged and compliance has been established  a device description must be prepared, a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) must be signed, the device must be labelled with the ACMA RCM mark and a compliance folder must be maintained.

The legal entity who places the device on the market is known as a Responsible Supplier. This can be an importer of goods, a local developer or an appointed Agent.

Oversees entities can export to Australia however they must have a local representative. If they do not have representation in Australia then an ACMA Agent can be appointed.

Responsible Suppliers must register on the ACMA/ERAC National Database. This is a one-off activity and does not presently attract fees.

Equipment that only requires ACMA RCM does not have to be registered on the database.

It is possible to appoint a local ACMA Agent to act on behalf of a supplier and maintain a compliance folder. This is called an ACMA Agency Agreement.

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It is an offence to supply a product that does not comply with the relevant ACMA RCM labelling notices or is not appropriately labelled with the RCM Mark.

Penalties can range from $18,000 up to $270,000 depending on the labelling notice and offence. In extreme cases offenders can be imprisoned.

NOTE: Under the Criminal Code, Act it is an offence to knowingly provide false or misleading information to a Commonwealth entity. The penalty is 12 months imprisonment. Make sure your signed ACMA DoC is 100% accurate!

Important Downloads and Links:

Download ACMA RCM Label

RCM label artwork

Download ACMA RCM Declaration DoC

RCM Declaration of Conformity

ACMA ERAC database

ACMA/ERAC Database

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