RCM certificates

Are ACMA RCM Certificates necessary? Do they have to be renewed?

Customers often submit Australian ACMA RCM certificates that were generated by other organisations and enquire about their validity, relevance and ask if they have to be renewed (or can we renew them). The short answer is no, RCM Certificates are not required by ACMA, do not have to be renewed and for the most part are a scam! In many instances, they are a waste of money and sold under false pretenses.

Do ACMA RCM certificates have any merit?

Some clients want a third party organisation to prepare a summary report that clearly states their product is compliant with ACMA RCM rules. They may also ask for an ACMA RCM certificate to show to their customers, rather than show the complete report which may contain valuable IP (Intellectual Property).

Many compliance reports include a certificate for this very purpose and so do assessment reports that were based on review and validation of existing reports.

For this purpose, yes they have merit. It’s the renewal part that is the major problem. Read on.

ERAC Certificates

The only certificate required in Australia is an ERAC EESS electrical safety certificate. This is called a Certificate of Conformity (mandatory for level 3 equipment) or Certificate of Suitability (when voluntarily applied, level 1 or 2 equipment). These certificates can only be issued by an authorised certifier such as Energy Safe Victoria or NSW Fair Trading.

When a Certificate of Conformity expires, it must be renewed. They have a maximum validity period of 5 years and a minimum of 1 year.

Renewal is not automatic, if the legislation and standards have changed then additional testing may be necessary.

ACMA RCM Documents

Responsible Suppliers must hold Product Descriptions, relevant test reports and a Declaration of Conformity Statement.

The DoC and test reports are good for the life of the product and neither have to be updated or “renewed” unless the product has been modified. In which case, an expert should assess the changes to determine if any additional testing is required and if the DoC must be updated.

ERAC EESS Documents

Responsible Suppliers must hold compliance evidence (ie test reports), a Declaration and for level 3 Equipment, a valid and current Certificate of Conformity.

It gets a bit tricky with the various compliance levels but essentially the paperwork is good for the life of the registration or the period stated on the Certificate, unless the product has been modified. If so, as for ACMA an expert should check the changes to work out if additional works are necessary.

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