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Global Approvals offers ACMA RCM Agency Agreement Services.

Q: Can I sell my product in Australia if I don’t have a local office?

A: For products that must only comply with ACMA requirements you only need a local entity to be registed as a Responsible Supplier. An “Agent” can be appointed. For ERAC you must have an Australian entity who is registered as a Responsible Supplier (cannot be an ACMA Agent). The local Responsible Supplier can however appoint an “Authorised Representative”.

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Overseas Entity

If you are an overseas entity and intend on exporting electrical and electronic products to Australia you must have local representation.

Global Approvals can act on your behalf as an Agent under an ACMA Agency Agreement. A contract is prepared, we assess all available test reports, arrange any necessary “top up” testing, produce any necessary assessments reports, advise on labelling requirements, sign a Declaration of Conformity and maintain a compliance folder.

Compliance is valid for the life of the product, unless it is modified. In this instance we advise on any necessary re-assessment or re-testing based on the extent of the modifications and update your compliance folder.

Local Entity

If you are based in Australia and intend on importing electrical and electronic products or you manufacture them locally for sale on the Australian market, you are considered a responsible supplier and must comply with ACMA rules.

If your time is limited or it’s too confusing and complicated, we can offer an Agency solution and take care of everything so that you can focus on your business and not worry about ACMA RCM compliance.

ACMA Agency Agreements involve a simple, one time contract. Services for each project are charged based on project specific requirements and will vary. For new customers with simple devices the initial contract fee may cover the necessary compliance activities.

Global Approvals is registered as a Responsible Supplier and can act as your ACMA Agent. Contact us to find out how!

NOTE: In both instances an Agent assumes the role of a Responsible Supplier and must register on the ACMA database.

Key Reasons to use Global Approvals as an ACMA Agent…


  • Registered Australian Business (ABN: 25497357455)
  • Registered Responsible Supplier (Supplier Number E8122)


  • No need for overseas manufacturers to set up an expensive local office
  • One contact with ACMA expertise who assumes compliance responsibility
  • Overseas manufacturers can supply to multiple importers and change importers without losing compliance (always available to the manufacturer and retained regardless of importer)
  • For Existing Australian companies, free up valuable time so you can concentrate on your core business
  • Minimise risk

What We Do

  • Provide expert ACMA Rules advice
  • Review & validate overseas test reports
  • Complete assessment reports
  • Arrange testing where necessary
  • Prepare and sign ACMA Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
  • Prepare and maintain Compliance Folders
  • Arrange/Advise on RCM Labelling

Global Approvals have expertise in Australian ACMA Compliance Legislation, Standards and Requirements. Let us do the hard work.

How ACMA Agency Works…

Step 1

Preparation and Signing of a One Time Contract (Agency Agreement)

Step 2

Analyse Existing Compliance Material (Test Reports, Certificates) and Product Technical Specifications to work out Requirements (often in the form of a Regulatory Plan)

Step 3

Review and validate existing test reports, complete additional assessment reports, arrange testing where gaps exist

Step 4

Prepare and sign ACMA DoC, prepare and maintain Compliance Folder, label the device with the RCM, start selling legally!

ACMA Responsible Supplier


Global Approvals (ABN: 25497357455) is registered with the ACMA as a Responsible Supplier. Our supplier number is E8122. Click the link below for our registration details.

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