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RCM CE FCC compliance

Global Approvals have over 20 years of  Product Development, Design, Testing and Certification Experience

What We Do…

Global Approvals provides affordable, start to finish compliance solutions for electronic and electrical equipment sold in countries all around the world. We help you get to market quickly, efficiently and at the best possible price.

Key services include ACMA RCM & ERAC EESS for Australia & New Zealand, CE Marking for EU Member states, FCC for the USA, ISED for Canada, VCCI & MIC for Japan, ICASA & SABS for South Africa and WPC & BIS for India.

Many countries accept CE or FCC reports and we can easily arrange approvals in these markets through our international network of in-country agents.

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Why use Global Approvals?

Global Approvals best price

Cost Effective

  • We give you the best price and solution based on your budget, location and specific product regulatory requirements
  • We are not a test lab hence overheads are much lower. Savings are passed on directly
  • For most projects where overseas reports are available we can do all the work in-house. External testing is usually not required or minimal
  • When testing is required we know all the labs worth knowing, what they can do and who to contact. There is no need to shop around
  • We do everything for you as a single point contact
Global Approvals great customer service

Great Customer Service

  • Best in the industry!
  • We have a strong customer service focus and go above and beyond to meet your needs
  • We offer a single point contact, so you don’t have to deal with a multitude of people in various organisations
  • Regular project updates, you won’t have to chase us up
  • Trustworthy, friendly and reliable
  • We explain the boring and complicated things in easy to understand terms
  • Experience the difference with Global Approvals!
Global Approvals professional services


  • Compliance Experts with over 20 years experience in product testing, product certification, product development and management of Test Laboratories
  • Works are only completed by Professionals with Electrical and Electronic Engineering Qualifications
  • Get to market fast with expert advice and solutions
  • We are not limited to normal office hours and will do everything possible to meet your deadline
Global Approvals independent experts

Independent Experts

  • We are a completely independent and 100% Australian owned business
  • Experts in all major fields of electronic product compliance: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radiocommunications, Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Telecommunications, Ingress Protection (IP) and other environmental compliance fields.

Proven International Success

Global Approvals provides compliance and certification solutions in over 200 countries.

We have vast experience in certifying countless products of all different types and applications.

We have contacts on the ground in countries all over the world and a team of professionals that we work with daily to give you the best solution.

Experience the difference with dedicated, independent compliance experts.

Our Key Services?

Global Approvals product certification

Product Approvals and Certification

ACMA RCM, ERAC EESS, CE Marking, FCC, ISED, VCCI, MIC, ICASA, SABS, WPC & BIS compliance marks plus more!

  • We provide services for all aspects of compliance from reports reviews, assessments, arranging testing with external laboratories where necessary, all the way through to record keeping, labelling, registrations and certifications
  • Approvals in Australia, New Zealand, Europe (EU member states), USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa, India, Middle East, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South America and more
  • We arrange other compliance marks such as ISDN, BSMI, GOST-R, COFITEL, ANATEL and more
  • With our International contact network we have every country and market in the world covered!

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Global Approvals RCM, CE, FCC mark

Regulatory Consulting

Consulting on regulatory compliance requirements for markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe (EU member states), USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa and India.

  • Expert Regulatory Advice
  • Preparation of Regulatory Plans (Compliance Roadmaps) for individual products or a range of products
  • Gap Analysis (where a standard or product has changed)
  • Compliance Audits (we check your processes and provide expert guidance)
  • Consulting for emerging markets such as Indonesia, Singapore, South America, Middle East, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan and more

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Global Approvals compliance consulting

Technical Consulting

Major compliance engineering disciplines including EMI, EMC, EMR & EME, Radhaz, Radiocommunications, Telecommunications, Electrical Safety, RF, Environmental.

  • Expert Technical Compliance Advice
  • Preparation of Test Plans
  • Designing for product Compliance (design review and development)
  • EMC Testing failure investigations and counter-measure advice
  • Compliance Problem Solving
  • Testing Witness Services
  • Product modification analysis (compliance impact)

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Global Approvals local representative services

Local Representative Services

We offer Local Representative Services for overseas entities selling products in Australia or local companies who would like to outsource compliance.

  • ACMA Agency Agreements (one time contracts, provision and arrangement of compliance activities, signed Declaration of Conformity statements, compliance folder management and RCM Labelling)

  • ERAC Authorised Representative Services (Provision and arrangement of compliance activities and certification, signed Declaration of Conformity statements, product registration, compliance folder management and RCM Labelling)

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Global Approvals freelance consulting

Freelance Compliance Solutions

We can work with your organisation as freelance Compliance Engineers.

  1. Reduce payroll and free up valuable staff resources whilst keeping everything in-house
  2. Use our services when you need them
  3. Solve the problem of subcontracting and third party confidentiality issues
  4. We work under your company rules, policies and guidelines

Your IP is 100% safe. We sign formal contracts and NDA’s. As former ISO 17025 NATA Signatories and NATA/A2LA Accredited Test Laboratory Managers, professionalism, confidentiality and ethical standards are guaranteed.

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Global Approvals compliance management

Compliance Management

Outsource your compliance activities so you can focus on other business matters.

  • Compliance Folder Maintenance and Management
  • Compliance Documentation Preparation
  • Compliance Audits
  • Ease the workload of busy staff
  • Save the headaches
  • Compliance paperwork is boring. Let us handle it and save your sanity!

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Other Services

Interference Investigations, EMI solutions, RF Interference, Radio Interference, RFI, EMI, RF Site Surveys, RF Ambient Surveys

Global Approvals provides economical RF Ambient Site Testing Surveys and EMI & RFI Interference Testing Services all around Australia.

If you need measurements on site for any purpose we have a solution.

If you have an interference problem we can solve it.

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EMR, EME & EMF testing, radhaz testing, radhaz assessments, EMR & EME assessments, ARPANSA RPS3, AS 2772.2, ICNIRP, ELF testing, RF testing, EMR survey, ELF survey, human exposure to RF, OH&S, CE Marking RED, CE Marking LVD

Global Approvals provides economical ELF (Extra Low Frequency), RF (Radio Frequency), EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation), EME (Electromagnetic Energy), EMF (Electromotive Force), MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) and RADHAZ (Radiation Hazard) site surveys, testing and assessment solutions.

Works are completed for compliance approvals or OH&S purposes.

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RCM Training, ERAC Training, CE Marking training, RED training, FCC & ISED Training, RCM & ERAC Seminars, Compliance & Approvals Training, Compliance Seminars, EMC Training, EMR Training, Safety Training

Global Approvals offers reasonably priced Professional, Expert, Technical and Regulatory Training Services.

Technical Training is provided for the EMC, EMR, RF & Wireless disciplines.

Regulatory Training is provided for compliance marks such as ACMA RCM & ERAC in Australia & New Zealand, CE Marking in the EU, FCC in the USA and ISED in Canada.

Training is offered as set modules or custom designed to your needs. We come to you (Australia wide) or you can attend professional training facilities.

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